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RSPCA Million Paws Walk recap

Yesterday (15/5) was the Royal Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) major annual fundraising drive, a walk in the park called the Million Paws Walk. The idea is that people can register as individuals or as teams and by registering they raise a little money. Each individual registrant and team can also raise money for themselves to complete the walk.

Last year the South Australian walk was attended by over 6000 people and their dogs and raised over $120,000! This year it was easily bigger and while the numbers don’t seem to be out yet money raised online has exceeded $27,000 and this only includes the donations raised by the individuals and teams involved in the actual walk. It seems that money raised this year will eclipse last years mark.

I have had the donation widget on the page (should be over there >>>) for a while and I wanted to thank anyone who donated to my team. In fact the $400+ dollars we raised made us the 8th highest team fundraiser (we are Frankie, Micky and Friends)! As a thank you here are some pictures of my dogs :).

Micky with Frankie photobombing in the background

Frankie as a puppy when she still looked like a stuffed toy

I issued the command Yin Yang... They nearly got it. Also, Micky (on the right) is about twice as large as Frankie (on the left) now. Weird seeing him so small again :)

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