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(Merry) Christmas Disease
So I was feeling a little lazy and thought I should find a disease related to Christmas, that way it’d be topical and I’d look like a genius. Well maybe not a genius, as all I did was type “Christmas” and “disease” into google and it returned “Christmas disease”. Don’t worry though, the disease itself is pretty cool!
Contrary to popular belief Christmas disease is not limited to public drunkenness

Saturday Night Palsy

ResearchBlogging.orgThis time of year is party season. Just in the last 2 weeks I’ve been to three Christmas parties, a retirement party and a 21st with Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years and my birthday (24th, I think?) to look forward to inside the next month. So alongside all the other important health notices like trying to avoid over-eating and binge drinking I’d like to present another disease that deserves its own PSA. Saturday Night Palsy.

Sickles, blood disease and the Greek god Priapus

ResearchBlogging.orgI saw the Carnal Carnival was coming up and this month’s theme is Blood. Blood disease, that shouldn’t be too hard I thought.
So I started thinking about blood diseases and remembered a disease I learnt about in undergraduate genetics classes called Sickle Cell Anaemia.

Mucous Cancer - The mess of Pseudomyxoma peritonei

ResearchBlogging.orgThis post is very important to me for two reasons. First of it’s my very first proper post at my new home here at Disease Prone. Secondly it is a post I have been in the process of putting together for a while after it was suggested to me by my lovely wife, a nurse whose insights in to disease and treatment I hope to include as regularly as possible. I hope you enjoy it and all future posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Peace out.

The last time I wrote about cancer it was for the Scientific American regarding how bacteria can be used as treatments so really it wasn’t even cancer I was talking about but when I was told about this doosey of a cancer I couldn’t help but write about it. This is significant for me as I am a bacteriologist who has spent a long time trying to avoid cancer (developing or writing about it), too many signalling pathways (imagine trying to memorise dozens of images like this), ick.

My New Home!!!

My name is James and I am the newest FoS blogger! You can learn more about me on the About Me tab above but I the TL;DR version is that I like thinking about diseases. While things are set up here please feel free to check out my old home and my old posts at Disease of the Week.

Check back soon to see Disease Prone all up and running!