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In Australia at the moment there is a real fear that our Government (who are supposed to be on the left side of that political line) is going to cut $400 million from medical research budgets. To protest this rallies are being run in most Australian capital cities to advertise the role of scientists in the community and to show all scientists that collectively we have a voice that can be heard, you just have to start shouting.

Arty farty photo of the rally taken by a friend of Thomas Tu, I'm not sure who

A couple of days ago the rally in my city was held and whilst I couldn't make it (due to teaching obligations) my good friend Thomas Tu, with whom I started Disease of the Week (on which he has also written a post about this) a few years ago, has been heavily involved. You can find a radio interview he did on one of Australia's largest radio stations, Triple J, here (about a third of the way in) and below I have put a video of him giving a speech at the rally. he is standing on the steps of our city's Parliament House.

Kudos Thomas!

So what can you do if you can't make a rally or are in another country but want to show your support? Jump on the Discoveries need Dollars website or the Facebook page and 'Like' or follow the Twitter page and at all these places there is more info.

We are trying to make it a big issue here in Australia to protect our livelihoods and encourage more students into science careers and it makes it very difficult when not only is money taken away but when its predicted to affect early career researchers hardest.

If you can help and you care about medical research I implore you to do as much as you can.

I'll get off my high-horse now :)


  1. Wow - go Thomas! We haven't been having too many science rallys over here in the UK; but there were a load of support-higher-education ones when the government pushed tuitions fees through the roof. Good luck with yours.

  2. Thanks Rat! Let us know if there are any online petitions to sign :)


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