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Blogging 101 Workshop

Tonight I attended a Blogging 101 workshop run by a friend of mine Mr. Mike Seyfang (@fang for twits) who is a bit of a social media guru. It was really fun to go back to first principles with a room full of people learning about something I enjoy doing in my spare time and involving themselves in this time blackhole :)

So if you find yourself looking for new blogs to follow can I suggest those from the 'class'? They're new so give them time to develop and, of course, be gentle...

Other Side of Science
Heathers Sciencey Stuff
Bilbies Rule
Turk Thrust
Team Placenta
Sans Science
Disease of the Week



  1. Do you just read science blogs James?!

  2. Pretty much :)
    Im happy to help others start them though. You interested in starting a Prone to Reverie style one?

  3. You mean starting a good blog? Nah I'll just stick with my mediocre one!

    Besides, it's way too hard to be bound only to one topic. I don't know how you do it... You have a passion for communicating. I have a passion for rambling...

  4. I thought you quit your livejournal page? It was good, I loved it!

  5. I time-capsuled by LJ - and started a new at blogspot. should redirect there if you're a keen bean.

    What's DoTW doing these days then?

  6. I just subscribed to :)

    Thomas has taken the reigns of DoTW but I still put things up there occasionally.

    Perhaps we should move this to Facebook :)

  7. Hi James, sorry to bother you, I was wondering if I could ask a favour please. Your link directs to the original site I created on the night, and I'm still getting referrals to the old blog. I was wondering if please you could change the link so it directs to Thanks!! Hilary

  8. @ Hilary
    No problem, I'll change it now :)

  9. Thanks James :)

    btw "there new" - sorry not trying to be a git - just I know I'd want it pointed out if I'd done it! I'm know I'm strange ;)

  10. ha! and then I do a typo in my comment. I always read what I think I've written, not what's actually there

  11. We were at this workshop and just launched our website. So we'd like to say a big thankyou for your help!

    Here it is:

    The Other Side of Science


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